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Pacific Ocean Card Game

Pacific Ocean Card Game

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Build your marine sanctuary in this 1-3 players pocket-sized game. Comes in a cool tin box.

Pacific Ocean is a quick set collection game where you aim to attract aquatic animals to your marine sanctuary. The game box features the following content:

  • The base game, which is consists of just 18 cards with beautiful watercolour illustrations and can only be played by two players.
  • A mini-expansion that introduces a solo mode.
  • Tropical Fish expansion, which adds new cards and deepens the gameplay. It also allows for three-player games.

The Pacific Ocean is the perfect travel game. The rules can be explained in just 30 seconds, regardless of players' experience. A game session lasts only 10 minutes and requires a little table space. You can play it, for example, on a plane, at the airport, or in a cafe: in any situation where you have a few free minutes.

The game comes in a lightweight, sturdy tin box weighing around 150 grams. It's compact: slightly larger than a standard deck of cards.

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